Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

behind-the-scenes of a super secret upcoming "my future girlfriend" promo.

This week, the gang and I contacted the members of an old gang of ours and asked them to very kindly shoot a scripted promo for "My Future Girlfriend." Since they're in New York and we're in Los Angeles, I had to direct this promo via webcam as they shot it on a flipcam. Why am I being so secretive about the participants? Watch and see...

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Fighting Weekend

We had another long, but fantastic, weekend of shooting on "My Future Girlfriend" and really we could not be happier with the stuff we got! We spent Saturday in M Bar, shooting some very important scenes that we'll pick up and shoot the next half of next week. We also shot a FIGHT SCENE (special thanks to America Young) and if you'd like you can see how we prepped in our apartment on Friday night...

Then, yesterday, we stole a bunch of night exteriors (Ragtag rolls with no permits) and even lit some outdoor stuff and THAT looks incredible as well.

Of course, we can't do this alone. We have an incredibly hard-working bunch of talented actors and crew members who show up no matter what the circumstances. Take Cheryl Texiera, for instance, who showed up on Saturday having not slept the night before (due to work) but came ready for a fight scene. Or Chris Hall, who is working hard on a big budget movie (which we can't mention), got sick on Friday night, but STILL showed up on Saturday morning. Honestly, they are troopers and we're so lucky to have them. We also had a few extras show up on Saturday who hung tight while we figured out some complex shots and scenes and we owe THEM big time too.

Finally, yesterday, while we were running around, we'd leave a couple of actors behind depending on what we were shooting. When I popped my Flip Cam into my computer last night, I found this video...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

rainy brigitte.

rainy weekend

Yesterday, "My Future Girlfriend" went on location, shooting some pivotal scenes on the streets of Los Angeles. (Note: Try not to shoot on Ventura Boulevard, as people love to honk and yell things at film crews)

We also had our first indoor location - ComicSmash! on Ventura Boulevard! This provided us with a beautiful location that distracted us to no end because of the toys, comics and statues that were calling our names. Check out this brief video...

Right now, however, I am sitting on the couch, waiting for the cast and crew to arrive (though Brigitte Hagerman is here thirty minutes early! what a pro!).

One hold-up?

It's fucking raining!


We moved to this town to avoid rainy, cold shoots. Yet, both weekends we've shot, we've been stuck with rain. You can take the New Yorker out of New York...

Some cover sets are planned in case this rain doesn't let up and we can't get all of the outdoor stuff we've planned.

Wish us luck.