Monday, May 4, 2009

mailbag - finally!


It sure has been a long time since I've posted anything.

Our friend Courtney got on my case about it last week. I must apologize for the delay. We've all, obviously, been adjusting to life in Los Angeles, have focused on working again and before you know it, you haven't posted a blog in six weeks. Very, very lame on my part. And I apologize.

But, I promised a while back to answer some of the pressing questions you all had about the future of Ragtag and "We Need Girlfriends." So, do that I will.

Devon asked two questions...

1) How come being on team tom is ultimately better than being on team rod AND team henry?

Did Patrick put you up to this?

2) Are there certain events from your move across the country that you're just DYING to put into writing for the show?

When we were in our hotel bar in Nebraska we met a group of forty-something guys that put up cell phone towers and were so incredibly excited to see new people in the bar that they wouldn't leave us alone. They ultimately offered us jobs helping them put up cell phone towers, then promised us they could get us a lot of "trim" in Nebraska. Trim, apparently, means.... you know. In almost every script we've written since then, we've included some sort of reference to trim. Hopefully we can popularize the ridiculousness of this moment. Maybe "Trim is the new Squirrel."

And the number one question on everyone's mind?

What is going on with the WNG TV series? Who is going to be cast?

Right now, the WNG TV series is STILL in development at CBS and Sony. We haven't shot anything, but the script is written. They decided the series didn't fit into their fall schedule, so right now it's on hold until 2010. We know this is frustrating as a fan of the show to have to wait so long. TV production is a notoriously slow process so you'll have to bear with us. And hey, if you really like WNG and want to see it on the air a little more quickly, feel free to write to CBS and tell them that.

So, since we haven't shot anything, the casting is still up in the air. We, obviously, love Patrick, Seth and Evan and hope the network will too. And if you love them, why not include that in the letter you promised us you'd write to CBS? I mean, this is how "Star Trek" was saved, right?

Thank you all for your questions! I promise to post more now.