Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hello seth, goodbye seth

Last week, I went to the airport to pick up everyone's favorite Henry - MySpace star Seth Kirschner.

Seth was visiting LA for various reasons (well, friends and business... two reason...) and we made sure to show him a good time.

By that, I mean, we watched "Swingers" then said, "Let's go to all of the places in 'Swingers.'"

This meant the Dresden, home of the scene in "Swingers" where Marty and Elayne sing "Stayin' Alive."

Here we are, with our friend Abbey...

(In the dark, I feel Seth and I look a lot alike. This is probably why he played a fake version of me.)

And here's Marty and Elayne...

The shots are dark because the Dresden is dark. But the Dresden is also AWESOME. We're planning on making it a regular hangout. I recommend it to everyone.

We bid farewell to Seth on Sunday, but had a great time hanging out with our friend from Astoria.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Patrick and Angel left yesterday and Brian leaves tomorrow morning. Happy Bird Day everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

from plushgun to cal state...

On Sunday night, we were invited by our good pal Dan Ingala (AKA: PLUSHGUN!) to the club Cinespace, where he was performing a show AND premiering his new music video for "Just Impolite." The show was great, as usual. Everyone must see Plushgun live. It's spectacular.

Then, yesterday, we were invited by Joe Ansolabehere to speak to his short film writing class at Cal State Fullerton. We had a great time discussing the making of "We Need Girlfriends," then went out to a local sports bar where we hung out with Joe and some of his students. They were all really big fans of the show and we were honored to be there.

A very special guest is coming to our apartment today. I'm picking him (or her?) up at LAX at 3:05. Then I'm showing her (or him?) around Los Angeles. More on that later!

P.S. According to the message boards, many a folk want to know what's going on with the WNG TV Series. Alas, we have no new news at this time. It's continuing to work its way through the CBS development process. Hopefully we'll have some news to report soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

idiots organize dvds

After receiving our stuff yesterday, we set forth on what would be the greatest challenge of our move in...


As you can imagine, this was quite a chore. It all started with a late night trip to Ikea, where we purchased three of their "FARK" shelves. Brian, Angel and Patrick quickly put them together, which resulted in Patrick building one the wrong way. Oh well. But once this space was cleared up, we spread our DVDs across the floor...

We quickly realized we had a lot of doubles, and even triples. For instance, we had three copies of the 16 disc "Superman: The Ultimate Collection." We also had triples of the entire run of "Arrested Development," "Predator," "Galaxy Quest," "The 40 Year Old Virgin," "Mallrats," "Die Hard," "Pleasantville," and many, many, many more, including "Big Trouble in Little China"...

We decided we'd only put one of each DVD on the shelves, and our doubles would go in our respective rooms. But the biggest challenge came when we arrived at one of our many quadruples. We even shot a little video to show the dilemma...

4 Indiana Jones, Not Indiana Jones 4 from Ragtag Productions on Vimeo.

Finally, after hours and hours of setup, we organized our DVDs, wrapping up somewhere around 2:30 in the morning. Our apartment finally looked clean...

We did it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our shit is FINALLY here

As you may remember from our earlier blogs, on October 21st we handed our boxes and boxes of shit over to a moving company. Today, finally, our shit came. We were happy campers...

We've been through such a journey these past couple of weeks, that I almost forgot what I had even brought with me from New York. As I unpacked the boxes and boxes of my shit, I realized how few useful things I packed. For instance, Brian and Angel had boxes and boxes of dishes and clothes. I had a few bowls and some spoons crammed in a bag with VHS tapes, and one small bin of clothing, then a bunch of boxes filled with comic books, VHS and DVDs. Angel described my room as the kids room. It was hard to deny when I opened up a box to find this...

Of course, Angel shouldn't have been making fun of me for my childish play things. Because he quickly opened up a box to find this monstrosity...

He's Doing it For Her from Ragtag Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last night, we went to an advanced screening of the horror film "Trick 'r Treat." In our brief time in California, we've found that there are tons of advanced and test screenings, and they're super easy to get into.

So, last night we saw Trick 'r Treat. Patrick and I loved it. Brian and Angel liked it. But that doesn't matter. What matters is what happens afterwards. As we were leaving the theater, talking about the movie, we were stopped by a guy that said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm a big fan of the show." He knew who we all were and what we did on the show and was incredibly nice. While we've been recognized in New York before, it felt great to be recognized in this new town.

Sir, you made our night.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

we own the night

Last week, Clark, one of our WNG: TV producers invited to a Halloween party in Hollywood. Since we'd just pulled into town, we thought it would be a great way to relax and meet people. So, on Friday, after a meeting with our agents, we headed to a nearby costume shop and picked up whatever remained on the day of Halloween. The pickings were slim, but Brian managed to find a toga, Patrick a muscle suit, and Angel a prisoners costume. I had my Robin Halloween costume packed, because I never leave home without it.

We made the drive over to West Hollywood from our North Hollywood apartment. The GPS told us it would take sixteen minutes. It took us over an hour. It was so bad that at one point we saw two guys dressed up as Fred and Shaggy walking down the street. A couple of miles up the road, as we were caught in gridlock, Fred and Shaggy walked past us again. 

As we arrived at the party location, we were surprised to find that the valets were no longer parking guests' cars because the streets were overcrowded. That left us to find our own spots. This proved difficult. We circled the streets, looking for spots, and coming up empty. There were thousands of people in costume walking the streets of Los Angels. At one point I saw a female Robin running down the street with a female Batgirl. Brian, Patrick and Angel encouraged me to get out of the car and run after her, but I can't imagine anything weirder than me in a Robin costume chasing a female Robin down the street. The circling continued...

After about an hour and a half of this, we decided there was no other option but to give up. We sadly drove back towards home. Then Angel remembered that our friend Karen had told him about another Halloween party in Burbank at Sardos, a bar best known for hosting Porn Star Karaoke every Monday night. (Self explanatory, right?) Karen said the bar would be packed. We pulled into the parking lot of Sardos and were surprised to find not many people in the parking lot. When we walked into the bar, we were surprised to find that, unlike us, most of the people in there weren't in costume. Angel texted Karen to find out where she was. It turns out the party was the PREVIOUS NIGHT. We ordered our beers and sat in the bar in defeat. We clearly did not own our first Hollywood party. In the parking lot of Sardos, we took this sad little photo...