Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hello seth, goodbye seth

Last week, I went to the airport to pick up everyone's favorite Henry - MySpace star Seth Kirschner.

Seth was visiting LA for various reasons (well, friends and business... two reason...) and we made sure to show him a good time.

By that, I mean, we watched "Swingers" then said, "Let's go to all of the places in 'Swingers.'"

This meant the Dresden, home of the scene in "Swingers" where Marty and Elayne sing "Stayin' Alive."

Here we are, with our friend Abbey...

(In the dark, I feel Seth and I look a lot alike. This is probably why he played a fake version of me.)

And here's Marty and Elayne...

The shots are dark because the Dresden is dark. But the Dresden is also AWESOME. We're planning on making it a regular hangout. I recommend it to everyone.

We bid farewell to Seth on Sunday, but had a great time hanging out with our friend from Astoria.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Patrick and Angel left yesterday and Brian leaves tomorrow morning. Happy Bird Day everyone!


Alasdair said...

wait does this mean seth isnt going to play henry? waaaaaa.

Trevor said...

start the rumors! Henry's been recast!
He has been replaced by Daniel Kennedy!

Also, Eric Balfour will take on the role or Rod!

And the singer of radiohead will be added to the show as turrets syndrome ridden neighbour, Twitch.

Ragtag said...

haha, ironically enough Eric Balfour is my least favorite actor currently working.

There's really been no casting talks at all for the WNG: TV Show. We're still in pre-production. We'll let you know if and when this changes, but Seth was just here for a visit, and Patrick moved here for a change of scenery (and to get more auditions).

That's all the news that's fit to print.

Trevor said...

you guys should know I pimp your show like its my best ho.

and that my captcha was spermori