Monday, November 23, 2009

the table read!

Yesterday, Brian, Patrick and I gathered all of the actors together for a table read in our humble abode in North Hollywood. It went swimmingly. This is the first time we've all heard the script read aloud and I must say, it sounded great. We're all getting really, really excited about this thing. We absolutely love the actors we're working with, they're funny, they're nice, they're dedicated and they made every little moment come alive, even just sitting on the couches in our apartment.

After that, Jeff Billings, our director of photography, came over and had a nice, long meeting with Brian discussing the look of this new series. We're really upping our game on this one and are giving it a much more cinematic feel than the low budget, down and dirty, independent style we used on "We Need Girlfriends."

It's all moving along nicely as we head towards the first weekend of filming. The updates will continue! Stay tuned.

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