Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FAQ about MFG

While looking through the questions, comments and emails about our new webseries, "My Future Girlfriend," I've noticed several questions popping up. I will do my best to answer them here...

1) Is this a sequel to "We Need Girlfriends"?

No. The titles are similar and some of the themes are similar (single guy wants girlfriend), but it is completely different from "We Need Girlfriends" and, often times, is in a different genre from "We Need Girlfriends." Yes, Patrick "Tom" Cohen is in this one too, but you'll soon see he plays the opposite of Tom.

2) Why aren't Rod and Henry in this?

Again, this is not a sequel to WNG. At the time we made this, Rod, Henry, Tom and "We Need Girlfriends" were the property of Sony Pictures and CBS, so we legally could not include them in this series. We were also living in North Hollywood which looks very different from Queens, New York.

3) What happened to WNG at CBS?

After a long, long development process, WNG and CBS parted ways. ("Parted ways" is Hollywood speak for "They decided they didn't want to make the show anymore because the guys were too wimpy and not full of tiger blood.")

4) Do you own the rights to WNG again?

If we had an agent, our agent could probably answer that question. Oh, wait, we have an agent. We asked him. He said, "I'll get back to you." It's been a year. If you hear from our agent, please let us know. We at Ragtag are INCREDIBLY worried about him.

5) If you own the rights again, would you do another WNG?

Perhaps. Right now, the three principle actors and the three members of the creative team are all spread across the country. Plus, we all liked how the show ended, and would have to come up with something pretty darn good to want to revisit it. It might happen one day but, as of now, don't hold your breath. Patrick Cohen is about to appear on "Community" and I'm sure his quote will go up. :)

6) What happened to that one show "I Live With My Parents"?

We made two episodes of "I Live With My Parents" to secure funding for more episodes. Everything Ragtag has produced, including WNG and MFG, has been self-funded. We didn't get sponsorship from Icee Pops or Bagel Bites. We just happen to eat a lot of Icee Pops and Bagel Bites and since they were around they became props. Since no one bit on ILWMP, we decided not to make anymore episodes.

7. What took MFG so long to come out!?

"My Future Girlfriend" just ended up being a lot more complicated than our previous shows. It has a score (by Dan Ingala), special effects (by Jeff Billings), incredible titles (by Harty Durfor), lovely cinematography and color correction (again, Billings), and a professional sound mix (by Evan Menning and Chris Hall). This has made "My Future Girlfriend" our best looking and sounding production yet but, since we can't afford to pay anyone, and everyone is kindly and generously donating their free time, things take a little longer. Still, we think you'll love the finished product!

8. Is this a big April Fool's Joke?

We really wouldn't go to the trouble of funding and producing a five-part webseries JUST to trick everyone. Promise!

Anything else?


blueberry said...

Hey, Ragtag folks!

Keep doing what you're doing. I absolutely loved "We Need Girlfriends" and was super excited back in the day when you said CBS was doing something with it. I will never understand how a show like about nerds who just make jokes about being smart gets on CBS when WNG has much more loveable, relatable characters (and more importantly, much funnier).

I will probably watch anything you guys make, so you at least have one fan for life.


Justin said...

I'm with blueberry--

I've shown "We Need Girlfriends" to all my friends and we quote it on a regular basis (even after all these years!). My girlfriend and I say "Goodbye Forever" with the proper emphasis whenever we leave for work/school/whatever. We also re-tell the Benaffleck joke whenever we talk about possible names for any future children that we might have. You know, because it works for a boy or a girl.

You guys should put out a DVD so that I can buy copies as gifts for my friends, and so you'll have funding. No one really uses DVDs anymore, but I need some kind of excuse to give you guys money.