Monday, December 1, 2008

Wifi in the sky!

Hello. You probably wouldn't believe it, but I am currently 36,000 feet in the air flying back to Los Angeles courtesy of American Airlines and's WiFi service. Yes, I'm online and in the sky. Pretty freakin' awesome. I've already made two TURBULENCE references to Steve on iChat.

Only $13 for the entire 6 hour flight (but of course, laptop batteries don't last that long). It sure beats the inflight entertainment of FRED CLAUS. I can at least catch up my movie news, buy/sell stocks, and send some emails. Sweet.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break.


NYR Zach said...

for free, i'd re-watch fred claus

Luigi said...

Hah...I read your blog post title as "Milf in the sky," thought your were referencing Lauren Holly in Turbulence and expected some kind of ode to her performance.

I have to say. As cool as being on the internet in the sky is...I'm a little disappointed. said...

I can't remember whether or not I've actually seen Turbulence. Which is probably as good a reason as any to Netflix it, huh?

I wonder how inappropriate it would be to turn to your fellow flight companions (next time) and say, "Don't be scared, there's an Angel on this flight."