Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Future Girlfriend - Part I

In Part 1 of Ragtag Production's 5 part series "My Future Girlfriend," Clark meets Lisa, a beautiful girl with something to hide. Stars Evan Gaustad, Cheryl Texiera, Kirsten Scoles, Patrick Cohen and Brigitte Hagerman. Written by Steven Tsapelas. Directed by Brian Amyot. Produced by Brian Amyot, Steven Tsapelas, Patrick Cohen, George Tsapelas and Angel Acevedo. From the creators of "We Need Girlfriends." CHECK BACK FOR PART 2 ON APRIL 15TH!!!!!

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Matthias Claflin said...

Just watched this! It was awesome! I'm so excited about this project! WNG was great, and I expect the same from this! Awesome stuff guys! (Just don't sell the rights tot his...)