Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We've noticed a lot of questions lately in our comments section about the "We Need Girlfriends" TV series and other projects we have in development.

So, we've decided to bring back an old feature of our WNG MySpace blogs ---

The "We Need Girlfriends" mailbag!

Post your questions in the comments section and we will answer them.


FakeShemp said...

alright... what's going on with the WGN series???

Devon said...

How come being on team tom is ultimately better than being on team rod AND team henry?

Okay, okay... a serious question? Are there certain events from your move across the country that you're just DYING to put into writing for the show?

Avi said...

So...is We need girlfriends going to be on TV? Is a season 2 going to be on the internet? If it's on tv will it go back to the beginning of the story for a redo or will the youtube clips be transplanted? Will there be more shots of peanut butter sandwiches? Will there be new characters? Batman jokes?

P.S. I Live with my Parents was really funny! Who is that actor? He was the creepy boyfriend in WNG...

for_t3h_lulz said...

What actors, if any, are going to be brought over to the T.V. series from the web series?

Andrew Sparkes said...


It's Steve Lachioma. He's in another web series (or it's pilot at least), check out Graduates. He plays the 'Rod' archetype (immature guy), and there's another laidback/Tom kinda guy and a nervous/Henry guy too. It's pretty good. If you liked We Need Girlfriends, you'd probably like it.

My question (two-parter):

How much have you LA guys been keeping up with the other actors from WNG recently? Are any of them willing to take the jump to audition (at least, if not GIVEN the parts based on how awesome they were the first time around) if the series is commissioned?

Trevor said...

1. When will the pilot begin being filmed?
2. Casting?
3. Did this die?
4. Can you write in a place where the guys hang out that looks very similar to the Max on Saved by the Bell?