Thursday, February 12, 2009

dorm lifed.

Recently, at a gathering for internet media producers, we met the creators of the webseries "Dorm Life." "Dorm Life," as some of you may know, is a webseries that chronicles the misadventures of the 5 South dorm in a college. We had become aware of it over the summer, when they beat "We Need Girlfriends" in a poll for the best webseries. And after we started watching it, it quickly became our new favorite webseries. Check out one of our favorite episodes... here....

On Wednesday night, we were invited by one of the "Dorm Life" creators and actors Brian C. Singleton to the premiere of "Dorm Life - Semester 2" at UCLA. So, Brian, Brigitte and I went to the college campus and after having a helluva time finding visitor parking, we settled into our chairs and watched the first six episodes of Semester 2.

And they are HILARIOUS.

Each episode now runs around ten minutes, as opposed to the five minute episodes from Semester 1 and the new running time totally works. The writers of this show are incredibly talented. Expect great things from them.

Semester 2 premieres next month. Look out for it!

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RoyTheBoy said...

Whoa, you don't post anything for months and then suddenly BAM! Post city!

Glad ya'll are still alive since Christmas. haha.

I'm definitely stealing the tin idea.

"COCK BLOCK!" hahahahaha. so great