Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hollywood Web Television Meet Up

Last night, Brian and I went to the monthly Hollywood Web Television Meet-Up with our friend Patrick Flynn, who is behind the very funny webseries "Keith Powell Directs A Play." You should check it out! In fact, I'll embed it here...

The event was a blast. It was incredibly crowded and full of web content creators. We saw such internet celebrities as Tay Zonday, the singer of "Chocolate Rain," and Jessica Rose, best known as "LonelyGirl15."

We also got a chance to meet a lot of cool people, including our old friend Joshua Cohen from, plus the creators of the full length internet pilot "Graduates," starring WNG's own Steve LaChioma. Check it out here...

We also met the really cool Fine Brothers, who have a lot of great ideas on how to unite internet content creators and produce stuff that can rival networks. All very eye opening stuff. You should check out the Fine Brothers at

It's starting to feel like there's a real community developing for internet creators. We're digging it.

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