Wednesday, February 11, 2009

friday fever!

This Friday (the 13th) a new "Friday the 13th" film is hitting theaters.


Angel is, without a doubt, the biggest "Friday" fan in the apartment. He owns the Paramount "Friday the 13th" box set, as well as "Freddy vs. Jason."

This week, Brian, Angel and I were in Target, when Angel came upon the documentary "His Name Was Jason." He immediately bought it. He came home and we watched it. (A shout out to our friend Rob G of Icons of Fright, who is interviewed in the doc)

Since then, we've been popping in "Friday" movies on and off. We're all getting pumped.

Now, here comes the kicker.

This "Friday the 13th" happens to coincide with another holiday...

Valentine's Day.

Angel is going out of town. Brian is going out of town. Patrick's girlfriend is in town. Me, I'm cool. But the question quickly arose, "When are we going to see the movie?"

Angel said, "Wait for me and we'll see it on Tuesday when I come home." I said, "Are you crazy? We have to see 'Friday the 13th' on Friday the 13th!" Angel said, "Shit, you're right," and managed to talk his girlfriend into seeing it with him.

But if Angel and Brian were out of town, would that mean I'd have to see it alone?


Trista came to the rescue!

Patrick's girlfriend, it turns out, is a "Friday the 13th" fan and she wants to see it THIS FRIDAY THE 13TH!

So, I'm set. Angel's set. Patrick's set. Trista is set. And Brian...

Well, to be honest, Brian doesn't care either way.

But this Friday, we are getting our Jason.

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Georgia said...

Don't get too hyped. This one is short on gore. It has a somewhat wandering plot. The first 20 minutes or so are great, but after that.... well, let's just say you'll like it if you're into naked girls and teenage sex scenes, but if you're looking for Friday gore.... it is actually pretty boring because it is so lacking. The groups tie together with a very weak "oh my missing sister" link.... just to warn you.... have a classic backup.