Thursday, October 23, 2008

is this heaven?

Today, just as we promised, we went to the Field of Dreams in Iowa. Of course, before we did that we had to leave Chicago, IL and begin our drive into Iowa. There's something we noticed about Iowa. Something we dare not say to anyone from Iowa... So, all Iowans, please cover your ears...

Iowa is kind of boring.

I mean. It's flat. The towns are few and far between. Basically, we saw a lot of corn.

But, it didn't matter, because as we approached the "Field of Dreams" cornfields/baseball diamond, Brian, Angel and Patrick were wetting their pants, while I remained cool as a cucumber. (Remember, I don't like the movie, and I hate playing baseball)

But, even I'll admit, as we pulled down the pathway to the "Field of Dreams" site and saw the farmhouse and the baseball diamond, even I got a little excited.

My friends quickly whipped out their bats, their baseballs and their gloves and started a game.

I was quickly bored silly, but when the game was over, I eagerly volunteered to pose for a baseball card style photo. In fact, we all did.

This quickly become the most documented moment of our trip and rather than explain these photos, I'll just post them.

We drove over the Mississippi River and through Des Moines Iowa...

And after driving through Omaha, Nebraska, we ended up at the luxurious Ramada in Lincoln. As you can see our bathroom is a lot cleaner.

So Mom, please stop calling me to tell me to stay in nicer hotels.

We ended up getting a drink in the bar and were quickly approached by a Nebraska native named Mike who runs a company that puts up cell phone towers. Mike was quickly surrounded by his group of workers and they were all very friendly and nice to us. We've noticed that outside of New York people really are willing to be polite, talk and get to know one another. Mike asked where we were headed and we told him we were going to Los Angeles for work.

One of Mike's employees pulled me aside after I'd described this blog to him. He said he was worried that we weren't seeing the cool places on this journey, just the tourist places. He wants our blog to be real. So, in honor of him, I'll say that tomorrow - shit gets real.


Lynn said...

Bathroom does look a lot better. But i keep asking myself why guys keep leaving the seat up.

tnh said...

yeah NY has lots of cold and non friendly people........ and mostly any big cities as well

Kiki Love said...

Wow, that is great guys. You are doing a great job documenting your road trip. I almost feel like I'm on the trip with you. ALmost. Thanks to technology. The world doesn't seem as big anymore.

Carry on and remember to enjoy it and have FUN!


Darlene said...

are Brian and Patrick wearing the same clothes?