Wednesday, October 22, 2008

we're alive!

We made it through the night!

Last night Brian & Angel had to switch rooms? Why? Well, their heater was unplugged. No big deal, right? Except when they tried to plug the heater into the wall, they found the cord wasn't long enough. Apparently this was never a problem before. They called the desk clerk and his daughter who came to check the heater. The daughter was laughing the entire time.

Now it's hello Chicago! We're going to make tons of Dark Knight and Perfect Strangers references.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys coming through St. Louis at all??

Let me know and I'll show you some great places!!

GenevaCnwy said...

Glad you all survived the night. Can't wait to read about Chicago!

Kiki Love said...


Great CITY!!

Allan said...

hahaha that was funny stuff, but hey i would recommend u guys do some quick 5-star rating research before heading to any hotel, no matter how cheap it sounds.... its always good to know where u heading before hand.
check out: (works best for me)
or just google it.