Wednesday, October 29, 2008

welcome to la!

Yesterday, we went apartment hunting. We saw many great places, in areas like Van Nuys, North Hollywood and Silverlake. But one of these places stuck out.

It was a four bedroom for 1800 bucks. This is, of course, dirt cheap. When we arrived at the building, the woman in charge volunteered to give us a tour. While walking us around, she took us into the elevator. She started saying that the other elevator had some problems and it got stuck in between floors. Then she jokingly said, "Can you imagine that, how horrible it would be to be stuck in an elevator with two good looking young men."


This, of course, meant that two of us were good looking, and two of us were not. It was an odd thing to say. Why didn't she just say a few? Or a couple? Why did she specify TWO?

The entire day we argued who she meant by the two attractive young men. We figured Patrick Cohen was one of them. Then I immediately took myself out of the running. So it was down to Angel and Brian. Brian swears she was looking at him when she said it. Angel swears she must've meant him. The arguments continued. Please weigh in on the comments. Who are the two attractive ones?

We went into a Jamba Juice to discuss the apartments we saw. Patrick parked his car outside and was continuously worrying about if his car was in a legal spot. Turns out, it wasn't. Want to know how we knew? Because Patrick went outside to find his car being towed...


He managed to stop it just in time, but he ended up with a $300 ticket that we agreed to split four ways.

Welcome to Los Angeles. Population, Two Attractive Guys, Two Schlubs.


Kiki Love said...

Wow, guys! First you guys get insulted by the apartment lady. For my taste, brains over brawn any day. So all you guy are cute & adorable and qualify. But I digress. Then Patrick's car's gets towed and recieve a $300.00 ticket!!!!!.
Ouh vay!! Umff!!! OOOUCHHH!

Welcome to LA!!

But can't wait to see more work from you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

maybe she's nuts.

she definitley is if she only saw 2 lookers.

Devon said...

Honestly, who says a thing like that without feeling like a complete idiot? Maybe she couldn't count, that's always possible. Obviously you guys are all good looking.

zootie said...

Maybe the woman was blind in one eye and could only see two of you. :-)

jess-a-mess said...

oh guys. you're all good looking!

Valerie said...

Steven, don't take yourself out of the running!

Moose said...

I don't know who the two good looking ones are, but I assume this will be the basis for WNG episode 12? And you can have it turn out that she seemed aloof, but was really a sadist who wanted to destroy you from the inside, and she didn't even find any of you attractive.

TheHawk said...

okay, here it comes.

when some people get drunk, they see double.

but she was SO SOBER, that she saw HALF.

i personally think that idea has merits.

Ali Skye Bennet said...


Chris said...

I think its pretty clear that she was remembering the guys she showed the two bedroom to earlier that morning.