Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The movers are here!

I'm currently sitting on the same stoop where Tom sits when his girlfriend dumps him in "We Need Girlfriends" Episode 1, watching as Tom himself, Patrick Cohen, supervises the movers packing our shit into their moving van. I would just briefly like to thank "belkin54g" for letting me syphon off of his wireless internet.

Patrick had a gigantic acoustic guitar in the back of his trunk. This was shocking for two reasons. A) We never knew Patrick played guitar. And B) Why the fuck was he personally moving his guitar in the back of his trunk when we need car space for our suitcases, travel bags and computers?

His reasoning was as follows....

A) Patrick's Mom is a music teacher. (Patrick also plays the violin)
B) He's worried that his acoustic guitar could get damaged in the moving van.

Patrick was really against giving the guitar up, but I explained, "What do you think is going to happen? We'll run out of money in the middle of the country and miraculously come upon a talent show where your guitar skills can make us enough quick cash for the move?" While this would be awesome, it's pretty unlikely, right?

After enough of our complaining, he's now handing the guitar over to the movers, and praying it doesn't end up smashed into a million pieces, like it would if Patrick smashed it on a stage after a performance at his Mom's music school.

Next stop, Cleveland! (Actually, next stop lunch)

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Jeff said...

I'm just glad I got to camp out on the miraculous futon once before you departed. *sigh*