Thursday, October 2, 2008

We Blog.

Welcome to the new site for Ragtag blogging brought to you by....well, Ragtag of course. Oh and Blogspot and Gmail. Shout out to them for making this all possible.

What can you expect from this new big budget Ragtag blog?

Expect many witty, sarcastic, and nostalgic posts from Steven Tsapelas. Thought-provoking no nonsense, no bullshit pieces from Brian Amyot. And exclusive videos and pictures from Ragtag's tech wiz, Angel Acevedo. In addition, you'll get up to date info on anything and everything that is Ragtag. Basically you're gonna get

So subscribe, become a fan, reader, peeping tom, whatever it is blog readers do and join us as we embark into the blogging world (officially). We promise seven flags of fun. Beat that Six Flags.



David said...

When I saw that poster, I thought at first it was for the 1992 film of the same name starring Nicole Eggert and the two Coreys, of which we have all seen many, many still images.

wngfan said...

I am reading your blog about "gadgets" dated Saturday October 25, 2008 and then I realize that today is Friday October 24. Please describe the gadget that you have that allows you to time travel into the future. Can I purchase it at my local Best Buy? Thanks.