Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We found an apartment! We'll be living in a lovely four bedroom in North Hollywood, California. In celebration of this, I'm posting some photos from Vegas. I wish I could tell you more stories, but remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

First, I took a photo with this ridiculous statue of Siegfried and Roy, which was way too good to pass up.

Then, we saw this ad for Entertainer of the Year - DANNY GANS. Which of course made us ask the question, WHO THE HELL IS DANNY GANS?

Finally, we met up with our old New York friend, current Las Vegas showgirl, JENNY LEE!!

It was a great time.

And tomorrow morning, at 6:30AM, we move into our new place in North Hollywood. Things are looking up for the Ragtaggers!


Anonymous said...

Yay! It's great to fine that place that is just right. I remember when me and my roommate looked at our duplex. It was a great feeling to say that the search was over. Also I recommend laying down in your empty room and staring at the ceiling for a couple of minute (before you move all your crap in it and also after you move all your crap out of it). There is something about that, that just makes me happy.

Kiki Love said...

HooraY!!!! Wow, that was quick, waisted no time. Post pics of the apartment too. Please.

So when are the Hollywood meetings taking place??

Please don't get jaded, and lose your great sense of who you guys are. Alright I sound like somebody's mother.

Okay, I am really excited for you guys and can't wait to see how this all unfolds!!


jess-a-mess said...

i'm so glad you guys found a place. i knew it'd work out for you guys. <3

Rachel said...

CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS! nina and i were worried about you for a second there. lol. but seriously, this is wonderful. here's to hoping the new apartment becomes a home quickly.

Erika said...

My boyfriend took those same 2 photos when we went- one of him with sigfried and roy, and the other of the danny gans billboard!

Ali Skye Bennet said...

Danny Gans is the shit! For serious.